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Porter des boutons
<ポルテ デ ブトン つぼみをつける>


Porter des boutons はそんな物作りをしています

“Porter des boutons” means ‘come in to bud’ in french.
We chose this name because it represents something hopeful and dynamic.

Our concept is based on comfortable clothes that you will treasure for a long time.
We use simple fabrics like linen+cotton, silk, to make comfortable clothes.
We emphasize hand made details like lace, beads+embroidery
and our designs often combine contrasting textures like cotton+silk, cotton+linen or wool+linen.
Our clothes are made in a Japanese factory by skilled seamstresses,
using highest quality locally produced fabrics,
and they are thoroughly inspected to insure quality.


  • 2006  Porter des boutons スタート
  • 2008. 2, 9  合同展示会rooms 出展
  • 2008  ANGLOBAL SHOPとのWネーム商品生産
  • 2009. 1  株式会社ポルテ デ ブトン 設立
  • 2009. 8  Porter des boutonsのアイテムと「小さなもの」を集めたショップ


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tel. 03 6277 2973     fax. 03 6277 2974
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